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Mar 18, 2012 3:56pm EDT
? thank you. >> it mitt romney just left the room, reading the crowd here in rockford, ill., close to the wisconsin border. he is scheduled to go to the town hall meeting in vernon hill illinois. we're going to take your calls to find out whether you think the primary process is helping or hurting the gop. the numbers to call are on your screen. we are going to get right to it. steven is out on the coast, in cape cod, mass. on the democrats' line. >> [unintelligible] if they are here illegally, they should not be citizens. >> we're trying to find out if you think the primary process is helping or hurting the gop. >> what was the question? >> with the primary process is hoping that gop? >> i don't think so since they have so many running. >> and you think that is hurting them? >> i think so. >> we have roy in richmond and virginia on the republicans lined. >> i think it is helping the republican party because it's getting the message out there and getting people an alternative, pro capitalist, pro american perspective. obama is going to lose anyway because all he's done is make thin
Mar 19, 2012 2:00am EDT
the men -- rick santorum and mitt romney campaign. scalede's campaign has back expenses. they have counted more on free news media for coverage. he went off the campaign trail to raise $3 million in new york city. guest: as we look ahead to illinois, they're spending more money to hang on to that state and louisiana as well. this is getting expensive for the romney campaign. host: a quick note about that. also, olympia snowe is stepping down. >> this changes the dynamic. democrats were gleeful because olympia snowe stepping down give them a shot. now we have king, he is the independent. he is -- it looks like he is the successor to olympia snowe. he is not fully committed to democrats. this would give them a shot in holding onto seats that ben nelson is giving up. however, polls are showing him far behind. he has got to close that gap significantly if he will take office. our real legitimate candidate. democrats -- if democrats should have any shot it would be through former senator kerry but he has to close that gap. that is a problem. now they're running new ads, these welcome home adds.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2